This summer has been soo hot than what I have grown accustomed to. I find myself either skipping makeup all together or… on days where I HAVE to have it on I am caking it on in the hopes that it doesn’t melt off my face before I even make it to an event. This of course creates a problem… I sweat, my pores clog and I get more blemishes. A reason I love to go makeup free throughout the summer. Alas, I need to have it on sometimes and then I get a blemish making me need makeup more to cover up the summer induced blemishes. It is a vicious cycle, especially when I am having a hard time getting all my makeup off at night. Then I met the Face Off cloth.

That’s right you heard me, the Face Off.

It is this microfiber facecloth that is literally like a magic eraser for your face and for all your makeup, it will get it all. Trust me on that.


This cloth is my new buddy, it erases all traces that I was even wearing makeup throughout the day. It does it gently and can get along with all skin types (I have crazy combo skin that irritates easily and this cloth made my skin happy). With my sensitive and moody skin when something gets along with my skin I like to hold onto it for dear life. This is one of those items. It rinses nice and clean after each use and can of course be machine washed – avoid fabric softener though, its so soft it wont need it anyway.

The Face Off cloth is a great little bathroom buddy for that stage makeup we put on a regular basis. Your face needs to be pure and clean before bed at night and this is a great way to get great results that your skin will thank you for in the end.

Best part is, unlike those disposable makeup remover pads, you can use this cloth up to 4 months before it will need to be replaced. Giving you a earth friendly solution to washing your face with kindness. Kind to the earth, kind to your skin a great tool.

Tell me, what is your bedtime skin cleaning routine??



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