Kefir Ice Cream

I love to fool around in the kitchen and making desserts is one of my fav things to do. Sadly though, when I want to try things I never seem to have the equipment to pull it off (like with ice cream). This time I was playing in the kitchen I was looking for something sweet, something cold and something refreshing.

I wanted ice cream… no point in hiding it.

I went to my fridge and inspiration hit and I know what I had to create: Strawberry Mojito Kefir Ice Cream! It was perfect… but… I don’t have an ice cream maker so how was I going to do this??

After a bit of googling I had decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it and this is how it went.


Serve this up with a little bit of mint on top for decoration and you have the best summer dessert you could ever dream of! Putting the Kefir in this ice cream really adds to the nutritional value to it as well. With 2 billion probiotics working their magic this ice cream your tummy will be smiling about in more ways than one. It is like the adult version of the YOP drinks and we love Kefir!

Ice cream

The plain Kefir is an amazing marinade as well really adding to Kefirs versatility in the kitchen. I love using this as an ingredient and I hope that my ice cream makes you think about adding it to your diet as well!

This is the perfect way to enjoy a little almost guilt free ice cream on a super hot summer day plus it is a mojito even the kids can enjoy trying! The crisp creamy sweetness will definitely take you away, it is soo good I almost didn’t share… then my kids found me and well, I HAD to share.

Have you ever had Kefir??


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