I have been harboring a secret!  I have a new sponsor, vista print!  They are a great little company that has lovely asked me for advertising space, and I just love them! 
They have everything for your printing needs all the way down to Christmas cards, you know if you are super behind and haven’t managed to get your dog to take a good photo.  Or you have tried so many times to get a family photo with your kids that you have now given up and gone the; I-am-just-going-to-use-old-edited-photos route.
Maybe you want to make a good stand point with your blog and have some business cards made to show just how serious you are about your blog to other possible business partners.  I mean we all want to take that first GREAT step and having a well presented personal brand I think is key.  Vista print makes it so easy to do something, quickly, beautifully, and afford-ably.  What on earth more do you people want out of a company?!?! Well how about the wonderful feeling of knowing that this company has been named “best place to work” since 2007!  That is a great thing, I love working equality and always impressed when the company takes genuine care of their employees.  Those aren’t the only awards that vista print has managed to wrangle for themselves either!  They are pretty impressive. 
The coolest thing they have recently started doing???  They have made it possible to get custom embroidery, that is right you heard me CUSTOM EMBROIDERY!  You can find those things HERE.  

So why not get your last minutes gifts here withe their “get there for Christmas” shipping options! 

Please don’t forget to take the time to enter my contest from yesterday!  It needs the entries and the prizes are AWESOME!! You need to jump on it!

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  1. I’ve seen so many ads for Vista Print going around and I was finally able to order from them a couple months back when I ran out of business cards. I am SO impressed with the quality and look and price of what I got 🙂 I’m definitely going to be doing business with them again!

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