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So last night I jumped completely out of my comfort zone and decided to join in on some fun with my BCmom.ca girls and the great folks at i-Exit Vancouver. i-Exit Vancouver, if you haven’t guessed from the name, is this amazing place right on Granville here in Vancouver where you can find family friendly escape rooms! Which made this the perfect thing for this first timer to try out with a few of her friends plus a few folks I hadn’t even met before! We had an amazing time, walked away with some new friends and we even beat the room!!

Well… thanks to A LOT of help from our hint giver who was fantastic, I highly recommend requesting Rory if you do decide to head in for a game. He was fun, patient and kind by not laughing at our mistakes. Well at least not laughing to hard, we are pretty hilarious.

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The owner lovingly made the whole place by hand, including all the complicated contraptions he has in all the rooms. Which to me was just incredible, he said the whole space was nothing before he got to it and create these incredibly fun escape rooms. The space is so great, near lots of great dinner spots making this a great way to spend a family or date night. Grab a bite to eat and then head upstairs to hit up a few games.

Trust me they are so much fun you will want to do more than one, so do make the time to do it such a great time. Best part is he said that small babies (in carriers) are free and kids as young as five can have fun and get involved in the rooms – again making this GREAT for a family night. Something completely new none of you have ever done together, since most rooms offered in our city are NOT family friendly, and bond.

With four great rooms to choose from and, again, brilliant staff you are destined to walk out all smiles. I was so impressed and I couldn’t believe how much fun these games could be. Since it was a my first time I was really nervous and super scared, they really made it fun, not scary and a perfect team building experience for all of us. They even do kids parties, and I can’t wait to do that with my boys. My oldest has an October birthday and this is an amazingly unique idea for a birthday venue. Perfect for him turning 9 (oh my God he is turning 9 next year… help me), since he has outgrown and is tired of a lot of the indoor party venues. This place will blow his mind, next October is going to be the best party ever!

This was an incredible way to spend a super super rainy Monday evening make sure to check them out and tell me what you think. NO I will not give you hints.


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  1. Oh my gosh! This was the most fun I’ve had in a long time! I can’t wait to go and try out another room…maybe we will bring the guys this time 😉

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