So I have been lovingly approached by the wonderful people at My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking to do a review/giveaway for them.  I have to admit that I only accept things that I desperately want to try or have heard buzz about.  I couldn’t say no to them.. I just couldn’t!  The little crafter girl inside me started jumping and leaping!  “ALL THE SCRAPBOOKING WITHOUT ALL THE JUNK IN MY HOUSE!!!”  I nearly peed myself with excitement, I may have and just not be telling you out of fear of embarrassment but we’ll just go with, but I didn’t.  I jumped right in and had to start fooling around with it… when I wasn’t surrounded by a group of screaming children.  Did I mention that I have a full house now??  Anyways, these are some of my “fooling around” screen shots that I wanted to share with you.

It is soo easy to use I think I was having far too much fun and you can even add video/audio, and I can tell you one thing.  I have yet to see a paper scrapbook do that, and lets be honest here, I can get supplies faster and easier online than lugging my children to a store (that can’t accommodate strollers might I add… not a fan of my local scrap booking store AT ALL) and sorting threw a ton of things that cost a ton more.  But I don’t want to sit here ranting and raving about all that crafting “drama” I want to give you a chance to get this program so you can enjoy scrap booking again without all the supplies taking over your home, the never ending existence of GLITTER or the tedious organizing and running around for things.  I can’t do it anymore and you shouldn’t have to either!! All you have to do is…..

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your coupon for coming by:

Just for coming by too, you can automatically get $10 off your software if you just can’t possibly wait to see if you win or you want to tell your friends!!  Happy scrapbooking everyone!!

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