I don’t know about you but when I was pregnant with my boys, both times I found myself violently itchy.  It was an uncontrollable and unstoppable itch that haunted each day of my pregnancy.  I know I make the whole thing sound sooo appealing.  Bonus is as you get older you are battling with your skin each winter.  The itchiness plagues all of us women: between leg shaving, pregnancy and life we seem to be doomed to forever itchiness.

Sorry if I have made you all itchy…

Never fear though everyone!! Palmers now has some great lotions for keeping you calmers forevermore!

You can honestly start kissing your itchy sleepless nights good bye cause I have lovely full day solution pack that you definitely will need to get yourself or any preggy friends out there!


The Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula for Dry Itchy Skin is great for when you have a sudden itch that you just can’t seem to ignore.  It is lightly scented which is great for those sensitive noses most preggies have.  Mine was horrible I could smell any and everything from the longest of distances, most of which kept me form going inside places, eating at others houses and kept me up most nights.  If it wasn’t scents it was itchiness plaguing my existence.  Not only does this help with your itchiness it soothes and even helps with your skins elasticity, which helps prevent future itch attacks.

The Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E that softens, soothes and relieves dry skin with a great thick lotion that really helps with belly itches as well as firming skin! With the addition of lecithin you are guaranteed to have a nice soothing cream and I just love this for my own personal winter hands each evening.  I throw on some lotion, my smart gloves and away I go – ideal relief for my hands and elbows.

Lastly the Palmers moisturizing oil is just GREAT after a nice hot shower.  You can fully lock in that needed moisture for the day and keep your skin feeling baby soft.  I highly suggest throwing this all over yourself to really make yourself feel pampered like a baby.  I mean we take care of their skin so well don’t you think yours deserves the same attention?

How itchy were you during pregnancy?!


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