For Chinese New Year I actually managed to get out and do something.  Not something you would actually expect I would though!  I took my night to see my lovely angels during their awesome New Year celebration, where they were providing us with great eyebrow treatments, drinks, nibbles and even some henna!   They really pulled out all the stops in terms of pampering us and giving us a great night of giggles and fun.  Having an opportunity to get together with some blogging friends both old and new is always amazing and a trip to 4angels always makes me a happy girl.

I have been there before for my very first ever eyebrow threading experience and was totally blown away.  Of course being a mother with a thousand things on my plate at once all the time I still hadn’t managed to make it in.  I knew I couldn’t let the them down and not come out to their big celebration so I ensured to make my way there.  I promised I wouldn’t let anyone else touch my eyebrows and I brought them along with me in their long furry caterpillar like glory, knowing that this would be the last evening I would have these untamed bushes framing my eyes.

4angels_eyebrows_001They went from bushy to pristine with focused clean lines.  I was so happy to finally have lovely eyebrows.  Not too thick and not too thin like they were before, heck my eyebrows were even too short on both sides I found out!

I basically learned that I should not be left alone with a pair of tweezers and who ever said that I could was horribly horribly wrong.  I will honestly never trust my eyebrows to anyone but these angels, and after a visit there you wouldn’t either.  They teach you so much each time I go and the head massages people, dear LORD are they heavenly!  In a crowded salon with music, tons of talking and movement I still managed to find complete peace, as if the room melted away and I was somewhere shrouded in perfect beautiful silence.

4angels_003The best part about them is their incredible love for everyone that walks through their door.  Coming to them is literally like visiting your family and all they want is a HUGE family, something that I am so happy to be apart of and so thankful to have in my life.  I can’t tell you enough just how much they have touched my heart and continue to do so every day.  Nav and her daughter especially have this incredible spirit filled with love and joy and they know how to spread that to everyone, to make them happy and to make them feel loved.  Such beautiful women who spread all the love they can everywhere they can.

Check them out and fall in love with them like I have!!

Have you ever tried threading before??  What do you love about it??


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