As mothers, we rarely take time out for ourselves. The daily grind always has us down and looking haggard most days. I really think we should change that, don’t you??

I think that Shoppers Drug Mart would also agree with me, especially with their new 30 days of beauty event starting August 17th – September 15th, 2013. They will be promoting a new makeover look each day and passing us some great print to redeem, 1 day only coupon savings as well as month long offer on All your beauty needs for low costs; just what a mom likes to hear!

I mean how many times have you just passed on buying that new black eye liner?? Or that cover up you like so much?? With all the cost savings at Shoppers this month, now is definitely the time to re-stock your cosmetic bag with your old favourites or maybe something daring and new!

So you can pack up those kids, drag them to your local Shoppers and buy your needed beauty supplies without guilt or second thought!

We need to think of ourselves a little, and with school just around the corner you can’t dare be seen looking like a disaster! We need to present the illusion of being “all together”(but let’s face it, none of us are. Most mornings when I head to school I don’t even wear a bra…. I know I am not alone!)

With the Shoppers 30 days of beauty event they will even have awesome signature looks, and this year it is all about red lips! Clearly they know I need some new shades of red (like Revlon’s “Really Red” that I want), and the best part is their beauty experts will help you achieve their “look of the day” in less than FIVE MINUTES with a FREE in-store makeover!!! DID YOU HEAR ME?!! 5 bloody MINUTES, I don’t think I have ever put makeup on that fast, and I really want to see these ladies try!

Not to mention they will also make you smell better by helping you find the perfect fragrance for you. They will literally walk you through step by step, and the Optimum points to be earned will be amazing. These people know how to treat a mom right; quick makeover tips & tricks, tons of savings and millions of Optimum points to earn!! Almost like going to that casino you’ve wanted to go with the girls all summer, isn’t it?

So get the tired mom out your routine and sport a trendy sexy look by booking your FREE 5-minute makeover now! I mean you wouldn’t want to miss it, especially when you can get a gift with purchase from August 24 to August 30!! Receive a stunning silver cosmetic pouch, filled with over 25 beauty and fragrance samples when you spend $75 or more on cosmetics, skin care, or fragrance products (while supplies last of course….)


  1. I’ll go right away to the make-up section, I’m shopaholic like that! 🙂

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing this! Think my tired mummy look would need that 5 minutes perk me up from the make up department.

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