I have never had anything waxed of threaded before, I have always been a plucker, shaver or bleacher so getting the chance to go into 4 Angels Beauty Care Inc. was a real treat for me.  I mean I have been plucking my eyebrows into oblivion since I was a young teenager with no clue how to do it.  You can only imagine the damage I have apparently done, and you have no idea until a pro like these angels get a hold of you and fix them.  The difference is amazing and these girls know what they are doing and do it with the greatest of ease, incredible atmosphere and lots of laughs.

The girls there are so gorgeous and super inviting making you feel so special which is always needed when you are a mom, trust me on that.  With such a divinely colored spaced you really feel luxurious and peaceful all at once, which is completely enforced as the girls busily get ready to pamper you and really make you beautiful.  Of course while teaching this lady here how to actually do my eyebrows… with massive emphasis on what NOT TO DO anymore.  Embarassing, but the point is they will fix them!  Definitely my little eyebrow angels!

4angels_post_001This day I wanted to make sure that I was looking my best for our #PBUYVR event that night at The Neverland Tea Salon and my girlfriend and I knew we were in need of some awesome pampering, besides I needed someone to hold my hand if I started to whimp out.

My angel though there was no need for hand holding, I made it through my first threading session like a champ and the massage she gave me turned this VERY loud girl into a quiet little mouse.  Not for long of course, you all know me.  We had an amazing time there, both of us were pampered to the max and loving our new look!  Both of us were just floored with the difference in our faces I again am amazed with how horribly I destroyed my eyebrows… but in my defense it was out of fear of a uni-brow.  No one likes a uni-brow and these angels will forever be in charge in my bushy buddies!





  1. you have fab eyebrows! I am clueless on eyebrows. I don’t even think mine are even.
    Can the angels do a road trip down this way? 🙂

  2. Thankyou for the love dear! It was so great to finally meet you. We loved having you Angels come in. Can’t wait to see you again xoxo

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