7 Exercises You Can Do Inside On a Rainy Day

7 exercises you can do on a rainy day

Many of us like to take to nature when it comes to getting our daily workout—the sun, the fresh air—there’s nothing quite like a great bike ride or a challenging hike. But,

There are exercises and activities people can do indoors to enhance the activities they do outdoors, so list and describe them, including rowing, swimming, skiing and ice skating.

Bike Inside

Spin class, or if you’re lucky enough, your own stationary bike, is a great alternative to hitting the trail on your mountain bike. While you don’t exactly go anywhere, you’ll do some resistance training often more challenging than taking on the

Try a New Class

Barre workouts can help you get that lithe dancer’s frame you’ve always wanted, while a dance class like Zumba or hip hop can be a fun way to get moving while listening to some upbeat tunes. Or, switch things up and try an indoor cardio routine from the comfort of your living room.

Learn Self-Defense

We all could benefit from learning how to defend ourselves in the case of an attack. Taking karate, Tai Kwon Do, judo or even MMA could be a great way to build strength and empower yourself, and not to mention a great way to burn some calories on the mat and out of the cold weather.

Alternatively, boxing or kickboxing could be another way to step up your cardio game and learn to kick some butt at the same time. Stepping into the ring will help you build some lean muscles.

Take a Breather

While many classes offer that high impact high energy endorphin rush, a yoga class is a great way to both destress after a long day at work, as well as build strength and flexibility. A great complement to other activities like running, spinning or weight lifting. With plenty of styles from Bikram to Vinyasa to Hatha and more, there’s a style of yoga for everyone, with health benefits to boot.

Row Your Boat

A great way to work out at home, or take advantage of the muscle building possibilities at your local gym. Using a rowing machine is a great way to catch up on your favorite podcasts while strengthening those deltoids and more. I mean this is one of those things that is way nicer inside than outside. My experience with rowing outdoors was always too early in the morning, too cold and too wet.


Take Your Favorite Sport Indoors

If you’re a soccer fan, sign up for an indoor league or practice with some friends inside—either way, soccer provides a huge cardiovascular workout. Same goes for basketball. If you’re rained out from your usual three on three games at the park, take things to the gym or the nearby YMCA. Or, revisit some schoolyard classics — these days, things like adult dodgeball have become all the rage and offers a great workout alongside all the throwback fun.

Good Old Weight Training

Hit the gym and pump some iron. Lifting weights takes a little know-how, but there’s no better time than when things are a little cold and wet to start getting that toned summer bod you’ve been hoping for. To be honest this is one of my favorites, in high school I was praised at my strength and my gym teacher even told my father I should look into it professionally. Which, as a young girl, I wasn’t going to do. Shehulk isn’t sexy but I did enjoy keeping it up to build strength gradually and without noticing it too much physically.

How do you stay fit when its rainy out??


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