6 Fall Vegetables to Plant Now

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Even though many of us may be experiencing cold weather and freezing temperatures and lots of snow right now, believe it or not the gardening season is right around the corner. Although you cannot necessarily plant fall vegetables all year long, it is important to prepare ahead of time and get ready to start planting your favorite autumn choices in late August or early September as the end of the summer comes to a close.

But which vegetables should you plant? Which delicious fall veggies are going to tickle your taste buds after being harvested directly from your garden? If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at My Seed Needs and check out some of their excellent veggie options here: https://www.myseedneeds.com/collections/vegetables.

Or, you can stick with us for a little while longer and learn our six fall veggie favorites. We will go into detail and tell you exactly why we love these vegetables after the summer comes to a close and the crisp and clear fall weather begins to take shape.

  1. Turnips

Turnips are one of the best vegetables to plant in the fall because they taste better during this time of year. Sure, you can certainly plant them during the spring, but they will not be as sweet and tender as they often seem to be when harvested in the fall.

Remember to begin sowing the seeds during the latter part of summer or the early fall at worst. You will have an amazing harvest by the time they are ready, and you’ll get to enjoy some fantastic tasting veggies in the near future.

  1. Mustard Greens

Mustard Greens are an excellent option because it’s very easy to plant them and grow them in your garden. Not only do they germinate well, but they also grow quickly.

So if you know the first frost is on the horizon, remember to plant your mustard seeds roughly 3 weeks before it’s about to happen. When you do, you’ll have a successful growing season and your mustard green harvest will be absolutely amazing.

  1. Kale

Kale is a member of the brassica family and the cool, crisp weather of the fall is the best time to grow this green leafy vegetable. The best time to plant this veggie is in the beginning of August, so start planting as the warm summer weather begins to fade away into oblivion.

  1. Collards

Collards are the ideal vegetable for the fall planting season because they are one of the coldest and heartiest plants on the planet today. They will grow in even the lowest temperatures, so begin planting them in early fall and let them grow well into the winter to have a sweet tasting winter harvest for you and your family to enjoy.

Fall Vegetables
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  1. Beets

Beets are also an astonishing cold-weather vegetable and they really seem to love it when the temperatures drop. In the southern states in the US, you could actually grow these throughout the entire winter. The soil needs to be cooler in the northern states and should be around 41°F. No matter what, these vegetables grow wonderfully when it’s cold outside, so begin planting them in early to mid-autumn.

  1. Lettuce

There are a wide range of lettuce varieties to choose from that all grow well during the cooler months in the fall. So pick your favorites and begin planting them in early September to experience an excellent harvest when the winter kicks in.

Some people prefer to plant their veggies during the spring. But if you love having great tasting and delicious vegetables all year round, consider planting these six fall veggies when the timing is right. Your taste buds will thank you along with your food budget!

What do you plant in preparation for Fall?


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