LEGO and Netflix #StreamTeam

LEGO is pretty much a daily conversation in my house, it is right up there with Minecraft to be honest and my boys aren’t shy when it comes to things they love.

Luckily for them Netflix is also a big fan of LEGO, so much so that they have a massive selection of LEGO tv shows and movies to keep my boys entertained. They even have shows we didn’t even know about like: LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship and LEGO Bionicle: The Journey to One. Two shows we hadn’t had the chance to get into and we have been really enjoying the LEGO bionicle at home here during Spring Break.

Being apart of the #StreamTeam we get a sneak peak at a bunch of cool things and when shows like this come around they love to spoil us with some fun things to do at home. LEGO is known for opening up your creativity and I love to give my boys the chance to open up and get creative.

LEGO and Netflix

But they don’t just think of the kids you know, they always have us moms in mind, so they made sure that while my kids are getting creative and building their LEGO sets I could put my feet up and eat some chocolate. I mean we deserve some downtime too right!?

When it comes to LEGO we are always fans of all the classics. We love all the Batman movies, and are particularly fond of the LEGO Marvel movie. With so many to watch you can definitely manage to survive the rest of spring break, before you break into a bunch of tiny little LEGO pieces.

What are you going to be doing the last few days of Spring Break??

I know I will be excited to get the kids back to school ASAP!


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