5 Ways To Liven Up Your Living Room Decor

The living room is the place you go to unwind after a long day, the place you go to socialise with friends and one place other than your bedroom where you should feel most at ease. Don’t let your living room become a dull and dreary place and make it a room that you want to spend time in by livening it up. Here are some handy décor tips…

Create a colour code

Your living room may be suffering from too many clashing colours. Alternatively, there may not be enough colour to make it interesting. Try slowly introducing a colour scheme that reflects you. This could involve painting the walls or incorporating matching coloured furniture (stick to a various colour wood with coffee tables and side tables, or match electronic appliances so that they’re all black or silver). For walls pick a colour that best represents you. Light blues, lavenders and light greens can have a calming effect, whilst oranges, tan colours and yellows can have more of an energising feel.

Get artsy

Having a piece of art can bring the room to life by giving it a sense of culture. This could be anything from a small sculpture to a painting. Acrylic wall prints can have a striking effect, creating an alternate centrepiece when placed above a TV. Make sure that the art reflects you, you’ll be spending a lot of time looking at it.

Home Decor Tips

Purify with plants

Plants have all kinds of healthy benefits from purifying air, preventing disease and increasing concentration due to the fact that they produce a fresh supply of oxygen. They can also keep you more in touch with nature, whilst requiring minimal effort to look after. You can get a houseplant that will last for years, or keep refreshing your living room’s look with new vases of flowers.

Go aquatic

If you don’t have any pets, bring a permanent sense of life to your living room by getting some fish. Goldfish are allowed in all properties and are easy to look after, requiring only feeding and the occasionally change of water. If you want to go one step up, you could buy a tropical fish tank (these take a little more TLC). Fish are a great stress relief and serve as a good centrepiece to any room.

Show your personality

A living room shouldn’t look like a generic show home and should feel lived in. Adding some flavours of your own individual personality could make your living room more homely. Photographs are obvious way to do this – showing others the people that are important in your life, as well as surrounding you with happy memories. Other great objects could include travel souvenirs, certificates of personal achievements and family heirlooms. Don’t spend too much time decorating it to impress other people – make sure that your living room makes you comfortable first. Feel free to keep changing things around to reflect the most important things in your life at the time.

Tell me how you show your crazy personality in your home!!


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