5 Outstanding Backyard Trampolines

backyard trampolines
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Are your kids holed up indoors, staring at screens? How do we temper a vital appreciation and literacy of technology with the need to get outside and be active? Backyard trampolines are one great way to draw the kids to the backyard, as well as encourage physical exercise. And today, many are safer than they’ve ever been. Here are five great picks for hours of fun in the fresh air.

 The Vuly Thunder with Safety Skirt

One concern many parents have is that kids, pets, or leaves and branches will collect under the trampoline. This can present various dangers, most of which can be mitigated with the addition of a safety skirt. You can expect to spend a little extra here, but it’s worth it for the peace of mind.

In addition, the poles are not located within the safety net, but outside of it, limiting any bumps and bruises suffered by enthusiastic bouncers.

The Skywalker 15’ Round

Do your young ones have energy to burn? This Skywalker is a classic, and one of the most popular buys for a variety of good reasons.

It has the look we all expect of trampolines, with modern improvements. Skywalker is known for the durability of its products, meaning you can keep multiple children busy with this for a long time. It also features a pad over the springs so there’s no pinching or scraping.

 The Skybound Stratos with Full Enclosure

If assembly and maintenance is a concern, you might want to check out the Stratos. It comes together quickly and securely with push-pin tech. It also supports more weight than other trampolines, supporting more than 300 pounds at once.

Is your bunch pretty rough on their toys? The Skybound Stratos offers a decade-long warranty on the frame. It’s a great pick for those families who anticipate a lot of use, from daytime bouncing to nighttime camping. And it looks pretty cool, too.

 The Springfree 13’ Square

You’ll pay more for a trampoline with no springs, but for those especially cautious about injury, the Springfree is worth it. Some might even call it the trampoline of the future. Moreover, it comes with a ladder and a basketball hoop, so the kids can practice their slam dunks while enjoying the superior bounce.

With no hard edges and a very flexible yet strong enclosure, a Springfree is a good match for many families.

backyard trampolines
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Little Tikes 7’

Looking for something more appropriately sized for little ones? If you’ve been browsing backyard trampolines reviews, the Little Tikes is sure to have come up. It’s budget friendly enough to make sense for kids who will grow out of it in a few years, while offering enough safety features to make it worth the price.

The safety net is reinforced by steel, and there’s ample padding to cover the springs. As a little bonus, there are net compartments where kids can keep their shoes.

Let the kids get their cardio, improve their flexibility, and learn some cool new tricks on a trampoline. You can encourage motor skill development and better posture, all while having a great amount of fun. And don’t worry – with all of the options available, safety is within budget.


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