5 Free Tools To Help You With Wedding Planning

wedding planning

Wedding planning has started as quite an adventure for me. It has become a monster of its own getting bigger and bigger with each passing day, mostly because I didn’t realize the depth of each choice. I am finding it harder to commit to flowers than it is the father of my kids.

Something I am sure a lot of people have felt as they planned their big days. 

Since this is all new to me, and since I am also working on budget with the help of a few great friends, I have had to learn to rely on FREE online tools to help me keep things organized. Tools that I am going to tell you all about, tools you probably already have and can utilize with ease.

Image Editing

For everything image editing this is my go to and always will be. Some people love Canva but I love the flexibility that picmonkey gives vs. the cookie cutter feel of Canva. Both have free options so by all means use whichever one works better for you, pic monkey is my favorite. Letting me integrate my own graphics and giving me everything I need in terms of picture editing – including the teeth whitening option which has come in handy for me more than a few times. So far I have used pic monkey to create a cute and quick save the date announcement for all my guests. I sent this out via email so that I can also harvest mailing addresses for invitations that I will be sending out closer to the big day.


Everyone has a gmail account and that is why I love using their Google Drive to create easy to access spreadsheets and everything else. My wedding spreadsheet has been a savior of mine so far. It has helped my track my to do list, guest list, venue options, sponsors, guest emails and soon addresses, EVERYTHING. I have managed to put them all into one amazing spreadsheet that keeps on growing and growing but the best part about this? I can access them anywhere and give anyone helping me out access to it so they know what is going on, including all the budget details. It is making sharing information a lot easier for me and I hope a lot easier for those helping me out. Something else you might want to consider doing is putting together your own mailchimp newsletter list of just your wedding guests. This will give you the ability to communicate to your guests whenever you need to. Then taking advantage of google forms you can even create easy to track surveys to help you get answers to all the questions you might have for your guests. Using mailchimp you can even see who has or hasn’t opened your email as well so you can see who you might need to re-communicate with via phone.

All The Workouts

Leading up to her big day, no matter your age, every bride wants to feel her best. Feeling your best might include adding in a few workouts from time to time so that you can feel confident walking down the aisle. It is anxiety inducing thinking that everyone we know will be looking at just myself pretty much all night long. I know this because going to weddings that is pretty much all I do, watch the bride. So knowing that I will be in that position makes me feel less than comfy in my own skin or boots or pjs, it is just an uncomfortable thing. So to help me I decided to add in a variety of workouts all FREE on youtube to spice up my routine. I want attempt to not have swingy granny arms at my wedding – maybe a pipe dream but with some help and dedication I hope to pull it off. Best part is you can find any workout on youtube, or meditation if that is more your thing.

wedding planning

Social Media Extras

Social media is obviously going to be a HUGE part of my wedding and I wanted to integrate all platforms, even ones I don’t normally use: like Snapchat. In order to do that I needed to think up a way to create a snapchat filter that I can then get approved later as a Geo-filter. This being something that I normally don’t take on I went on the hunt for something that would be free, had a good selection of templates or would let me do it all myself and again most importantly FREE. Snappy.ink is where I found that solution. It was one of the only ones out there that would let me make one and download it for a later date, I don’t want to be rushing the day of trying to get a geofilter approved by Snapchat let’s be honest.  Another thing that you might want to consider is a hashtag for your wedding. Since mine will have sponsors I really wanted to make sure I had a completely unique hashtag so I can track impressions the day after the wedding. For those of you who are having some trouble coming up with a unique wedding hashtag there are lots of great FREE generators out there to help you.

There are a lot of great FREE resources out there to help any bride with their wedding planning, find them!


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