5 Exercises You Can Do When You Aren’t Into It

If you consider yourself to be lazy, that’s okay, at least you’re honest with yourself right? We do things all day constantly so who’s to say you need to do even more, so you like to veg out more than your average bear. Who cares. But that doesn’t mean you should let your health sit on the back burner all the time. It’s just about choosing the right regime to suit you. No one is asking you to go hiking up a mountain in summer time heat if that’s just not your thing.

This is exactly why they created so many great options for us to work out at home without having to interact with the human population when you aren’t into it.

Wobble Board

Not only is this a great workout for your overall body, especially your core muscles, but it can also be a real laugh too. The aim is to stay standing on it as it balances your weight perfectly. Easier said than done? – Absolutely. You’re engaging your core the whole time you’re trying to balance, so this is a brilliant way of toning up your body while having fun. It not only improves your balance, but it also builds up your strength and even your mental focus, so if you want more of a challenge once you get used to doing this, ask someone to try and distract you. Essentially the more you wobble without falling – the more of a workout you’ll be getting.

Indoor Cycling

If you’re not an outdoor person, then an exercise bike may be just the thing for you. There are many different styles out there for different uses, so take a look at some reviews here https://exercisebikesexpert.com/how-to-pick-the-best-stationary-bike-stand before buying anything.

Cycling improves mobility, builds muscle and melts fat while being easy on your body.

One of the awesome things about choosing this option is that you can put it in front of the tv! So you can burn calories and watch your favorite show all at the same time.

Resistance Band

You can use a resistance band wherever you want to. It’s portable, barely costs anything to buy, and it gives you a good workout. There are SO many different ways to use the band; you can come up with ideas yourself. As long as you feel the burn and your muscles start to shake – you know you’re hitting the right spot. You can take it out with you, or even to work. If you do a lot of sitting around all day at a desk, put it on around your legs and start working them thigh muscles. The possibilities are really endless with this.

Staying Motivated


Other than it being so much fun, trampolining can have so many positive effects on your body. It can help you gain better coordination, as well as balance, and it’s a lot easier on your joints than running would be because you’re not hitting a hard impact when your feet land, instead it gives way a little to ease the force of your weight. And of course jumping around gets your heart beating faster, so it’s a great form of cardio.

You may even find it helpful to relieve stress, so invest in a trampoline and enjoy feeling like a kid again.

Yoga & Meditation

This is an always calming and relaxing option that can really help to tone your body. This not only helps you stretch your muscles but it helps you regulate your blood pressure and makes you more mindful. Focusing on your breathing and holding your poses helps you focus in on your own self. How your body is feeling and reacting to things whichs can make you a more patient and mindful person as you go about your day. You would be amazing at how much more focus you will have for your daily tasks.

Tell me what do you do in the house to help you move your body when you are just too lazy and not into it?



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