4th Annual Slurpee Name Your Price Day September 15th,2017!

This September 15th is going to be a gorgeous day here in Vancouver and that means it is going to be the perfect day for a Slurpee. Slurpee is holding their 4th annual “Name Your Price Day” this Friday and you need to jump on it! Nothing is better than a Slurpee on a hot day and when you know that 100% of the proceeds will be donated to WE Charity!

WE Charity is an organization that empowers people to make a difference through domestic and international change. Meaning: Slurpee fans across Canada are invited to visit any 7-Eleven store to decide what they will pay for a large Slurpee, and again 100% of proceeds will be donated to WE Charity, giving Canadians youth the tools to do good in their communities.


With over 1,797,000 students and 6230 schools involved with WE Schools from BC to Ontario, this year’s donations from “Slurpee Name Your Price Day” will help send Canadian youth to WE Day events across Canada this fall. WE Days are events that fill stadiums around the world for the greatest celebration of social good, bringing together world-renowned speakers and award-winning performers, with tens of thousands of young people to celebrate and inspire a year of incredible service and change. Students cannot purchase a ticket to WE Day, they must earn their way to attend through service.

Over the past three years, 7-Eleven Canada customers have raised over $250,000 in donations through Slurpee Name Your Price Day. Slurpee fans have been challenged, once again this year, to surpass the single day record of $110,000 in donations in one day. It was an incredible record to hit and we hope that this year you will all get out there on this gorgeous Friday and help out!

I mean what would be the first full week back at school without a delicious after school treat that will go right back to help the kids!

Tell me, what is your favorite Slurpee flavor?



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