4:20 rallies do more harm than good…

I am soo happy that it is Friday, we have a gorgeous sunny day and all the stoner’s from the city are all in one area downtown today to celebrate 4:20.   These rallies are epic here in downtown Vancouver but will probably be completely out done this year by California.  For those of you that don’t know they have legalized it there and it is actually the place where the date of 4:20 originated from.

Of course this is a culture I have removed myself from, back in the day I was right in there with them, alas time passes and responsibilities came along with it.  Although I am a VERY strong medicinal advocate, I have seen it do so much good for so many horrible sick and pained people that I can’t ignore that fact.  I am not ignorant.  What I don’t like is seeing the large amount of young kids at these rallies most skip school, like I did, to go there during the day.  Or even worse you were brought there by your parents… *cough* me *cough* *cough*  Here in Vancouver though it is all over the place, you can’t hide from it.  Your doctors, lawyers, girl guide leaders, school teachers, psychologists are probably all stoner’s you just wouldn’t know it. 

I myself wanted my mother to get a prescription when she was going through her last few days on this planet.  She would call and be in soo much pain or feel soo sick she wouldn’t be able to hold anything down.  Medicinal could have helped her, made her comfortable, helped her eat and keep it down.  I dunno there are a lot of benefits to it and if you don’t see that please keep your rude mean comments to yourself.  There are so many people out there suffering soo much cause they can’t find anything that helps, if this helps DO IT.  By all means, everyone deserves the best quality of life they can manage, medicinal can help people struggling to do that. 

This rally today… doesn’t display a responsible way of advocating that.  It is a hot box, all the people there have lost sight or are fighting the cause just so they can get high.  No wonder people wont take its medical benefits seriously… sad…

If you are going to the rallies today, why not DON’T cause you are only adding to demeaning nature of the rallies, they don’t help the cause they DAMAGE it!  They create a place for young KIDS to go and get high on drugs while cops stand around and “keep people safe”.  I don’t see how this event could stand for anything… I really really don’t. 

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  1. My kids were telling me it was weed day. My daughter works at a grocery store and she said they sold way more eye drops than normal so that people could cover up the signs. I think it’s a little crazy. Some parties we should just stay away from…

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