4 Baby Bathtime Tips

I don’t spend enough time on here talking about actually helpful parenting tricks that I have learned along the way with my two crazy boys.  Learning to bathe your baby can be a little scary – there’s a lot of juggling and I am not just talking bath toys!  Going in as fully prepared as you can be is the key.  The last thing you want to happen to get your baby in the water and all of a sudden you can’t reach something, or have forgotten something and have to take them out and start all over again.  Especially for single parents who may not have a partner that they can scream down the hallway for.

To help you prepare, for bath time with baby no matter what age, Disney Baby and I have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you have the most stress free experience possible.

Tip #1 – Start Small

Your little one is a tiny precious little thing, so when you first start bathing your little one so should their tub! Getting a small plastic tub can ensure you aren’t kneeling uncomfortably at the tub or hurting your back.  This is a great option for those of us that suffer from back pain.  Some baby tubs, like this Winnie the Pooh one that is too cute for words, even feature built-in toys!  Making bath time fun and exciting for everyone, the toys are also a great way to distract your baby if they have water anxieties! Which brings us to our next tip!

Winnie the Pooh Baby tub

Tip #2 – Bath toys

For older kiddos the bath can be an awesome tool for learning and exploration!  Once your little explorer has graduated to the big tub and can splash around on their own this is an awesome time to introduce them to squirt toys, floaties, sponges and even bath tub coloring!  Getting things like these Disney Baby Finding Nemo Stacking bath toys are a great way to help develop their fine motor skills while you clean behind their ears!

Tip #3 – Ditch the daily dips and lock in that moisture

Babies don’t need to bathe on a daily basis, and doing so can sometimes really damage and dry out their skin.  If you have kids with sensitive skin I totally feel for you as one of my boys is highly sensitive to anything placed on his skin! It really only takes two or three baths a week (or as needed if your kid likes to wear more food than they eat) to ensure that your little one stays squeaky-clean.  These adorable Finding Nemo wash cloths help you get them nice and clean in a gentle way and always make sure to moisturize their skin after each bath.

Tip #4 – Keeping Baby Warm

I don’t know about you but when I get out of the bath of shower I always have a bit of a chill.  In order to help your little one not catch a chill throughout their bath it is best to make sure you keep their water temperature around 37 degrees and the bathroom warm.  I have a great heat light in my bathroom to help ensure that I am keeping them warm regardless of the house temperature.  Have both a soft snuggly towel ready to go for them, and a nice warm room to get dressed in.  This will help prevent those after bath times wails as you desperately try to dry and dress them in a cold room.  The heat makes a HUGE difference!

But like all children everyone is totally different, so of course take these tips and use them in a way that will best serve your baby and you!  To help you do that Disney Baby and I have a GREAT contest for you so enter below for your chance to win this adorable Minnie Mouse Outfit set!

Minnie Clothing Set GiveawayAfter all, your little one will need an adorable outfit to wear once they’re out of the bath and settling down for bed right?? Good luck to all of you that enter, share with your friends and check back Saturday for the winner!

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  1. Great tips! I totally want a heat light in my bathroom now…for me, lol. My best tip would be to have a small bucket or basket with all the bath and after bath essentials in it. Shampoo, small washcloth, brush/comb, and lotion. Having it all in one portable spot is the key. You can put it next to the tub, and then carry it with the baby to where ever you might get them dressed.

  2. My son hated baths until we got him those Crayola bath paints…now he loves them. Find the right bath toy and all will be okay 😉

  3. We used to set up the baby bath near our wood stove insert in the winter time so when he came out of the bath it was all nice and toasty warm.

  4. Thank you for these tips! My little boy really doesn’t like bath time, and I have went back to sponge bathing until he can sit up. He is 5 months old, and just cries about halfway through the bath (and trust me, I try to keep it under 5 minutes). Other than waiting this out, do you have any tips that could help?

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