3 Tips to Make Those Immunizations a Breeze


Fall is always the time of year where we are bombarded with gross weather, wet socks, the start of school and of course the sniffles. This is the flu’s favorite time of year and any germs favorite season to spread around to all the boys and girls. Which is why our family finds it so important to ensure we stay up to date on all our immunizations and flu shots. It is our way of ensuring we stay as healthy as possible throughout the year and keep those around us safe.

You might not know it, and you might take it for granted, but 100 years ago infectious diseases were the leading cause of death worldwide. Thanks to science and our now readily available immunizations we are living longer healthier lives in a population that keeps increasing. If it wasn’t for those advances many of us wouldn’t have made it this far at all, especially those with immunity disorders like my kids grandma. She has a very compromised immunity due to having her spleen removed so we have to do our due diligence to ensure we are up to date and don’t pass anything along to her.

She isn’t the only person out there that has to worry about things like that, she isn’t the only one thanking the world for a little thing called “Community Immunity”. This is what keeps so many of those with immune compromising diseases, most of which can’t get the regular shots without risk to their lives. This is just one of the many reasons to ensure you get your immunizations and your kids on time and every flu season.


Making sure, as a parent, that your kid is up to date and protected is incredibly vital to their health and the health of those around you.

But as a parent what can we do to help prepare our little ones for these immunizations?

There are a few really great ways to help make these things as easy and painless as possible for both you and your kiddo. It all comes down to preparing them in advance.

  1. Always make sure you have your immunization record and all your ID and paperwork ready to go. Don’t leave it till the morning of, leaving yourself in a panic if you can’t find something.
  2. Pain management prior to their shots can really help save you a bit of your sanity. Giving them a little topical anesthetic prior to your appointment can help make the shot a little less painful – if you are lucky completely not painful.
  3. Distraction is your friend. Being able to be loud and giggly and expressive during after and before can be a great way to distract your little one. Sometimes all you have to do is have a little fun in the office to make things go smoothly. Even simply breastfeeding while the shots are happening can be the most beneficial way to distract them!

With those tips in hand you and your little one will be able to get through your immunizations easily and without any stress.

What are some of your tricks for making immunization time a breeze for your kids?

For more information on how to keep your family protected head to immunize.ca!


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