2015 Is Here

I can’t even believe that it is already 2015, why is it that time passes way too fast when we are adults?  You know when you want to enjoy and savour it.  I remember when I was a kid and time would drag unbearably.  A year of school would feel like at least three and now a year feels like a month.

Not fair.

Though 2014 was a harder year than usual emotionally for myself and my family we are still sad at how fast it has passed us by.  Because of all our downs this year I definitely feel as though we didn’t accomplish much of anything this year either.  With hubby being gone so much each month I am so busy I can barely manage to get anything done outside the house.  Between cleaning, feeding kids, school, basic hygiene and trying to keep pants on two boys who refuse to keep them on I am amazed I have time to even blog.

I have no idea how my single mother did it.  I totally understand why she didn’t go out much.  You’re just so damn tired.  Kudos to all you single ladies out there pulling double shift with no hubby’s.  I am thankful to have hubby home for 8 days each month.. though he seems to just distract me while he is here.

This year though I want to get my shit together – seriously.  I need to get my mind and my body on track, out of this jam I have been in.  I want to be buzzing again with energy not sluggish and lazy like I am now.

So what am I going to be doing for 2015?

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1)  I am going to drink more water

2) I am going to think of my health first.  Something in this department is developing and I can’t wait to share the news with you VERY soon!

3) I am going to say no more often.  Less assignments that will pile up and less events.

4) I am going to make more of an effort with my friendships, as I feel this year I have been so depressed I haven’t had much to do with them.

5) I want to stop putting my needs on the back burner.  If I need something I am going to bloody well go out and get it – no one else will.

That is what I am starting with in 2015, what changes will you be making?


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